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How do I get a Rockstar Agility Network Dog Registration number for my dog(s)?
You may obtain a dog registration number online now. The registration fee is $10/dog. To register, you must first register yourself as a member and then register your dogs. Please note that the member and dog information that you provide will be used to print and mail title and award certificates and may be needed in the event we need to contact you. Please enter complete and correct information and remember to keep it up to date. You must send payment for your dog registration within 15 days or you will be deleted from the RSAgility database. The instructions are as follows:

To register as a RSAgility User, from the main site, select the Register New User link on the top right of the screen. Enter your information and hit submit. Please enter all of your information as correctly as possible. RSAgility will keep all information private, but we may need it to contact you, so your phone number is helpful. Your name as entered will go on your award certificates and the certificates will be mailed to you at the address you enter. Please keep a copy of the confirmation email that you receive as it will have your RSAgility database username and password. After you are done registering as a member you then log in and register your dogs.

To register your dogs, first, at the top right of the screen, login with your username and password. Next, click the Add a New Dog link located in the middle right hand side of the screen. You will need to add each dog separately. The full registered name information as you enter it will go on your awards certificates. Please keep a copy of the registration numbers that are generated. You will be sent a confirmation email for each dog registered. You must send payment within 15 days of registering a dog or before your first trial or your number will be removed and any qualifying runs you have earned will be lost.

What is the fee for a RSAgility Dog Registration number?
In order to compete in Rockstar Agility Network, LLC events, you must register your dog. The registration fee is $10/dog.

What agility titles can my dog and I earn in RSAgility?
We have created a nice documentthat explains in more detail all the RSAgility titles and awards. Please use it together with the RSAgility rulebook sections on awards and titles.

What is the criteria for becoming a RSAgility Judge?
Grandfathering In of Judges from other organizations will be done on a individual basis. New Judges will be added as under supervision and be trained. Knowledge of RSAgility rules will be essential.

Judges should have knowledge of the sport of agility, how it operates, be or have been a dog owner, and run agility at many different levels. Additionally, RSAgility views it as an asset if the individual has run or judged in different organizations.

For more information of judging, please send email to If you are interested in becoming a judge, download and complete the judges application form on the Judges Information page.

How Can I inform people about RSAgility?
Please help us spread the word about Rockstar Agility Network , LLC!! We have created a two page informational flyer about RSAgility that we hope you will print out and take to your club meetings and local shows. Download the flyer here: RSAgility Info Flyer

In offering grandfathering in at level:

We wanted to offer everyone the opportunity if they wished to start at the level of their handling ability that they have earned but no one has to start above beginner level unless they wish to. We considered that some handlers may have an older dog and they might like the opportunity of finishing a title as the dog is getting older and they would like to play in RSAgility, again no one has to start above beginner unless they wish to. We considered some handlers might not get as many opportunities to enter trials do to the geographic area they live in, and so grandfathering in may offer them the opportunity to finish a title, again no one has to start above beginner unless they wish to.

This is a One time opportunity (see below) for those that wish to start at there experience level, everyone is welcome to start at the Beginner level or as a individual choose to Grandfather in at there current level of handling ability.

A competitor may only choose ONE organization that they wish the points/clean runs/qualifying scores to be applied from. You may not grandfather in from MULTIPLE organizations (NADAC gamblers, AKC Jumpers with weaves, and USDAA Standard).

Anyone who registers a dog must submit all grandfathering information to us either with their registration or within 30 days of receiving their RSAgility numbers. You can mail or fax your grandfathering information directly to us or you can include it with the show entry for the FIRST show your DOG enters if it is within 30 days since your registered your dog. You may not run at the Beginner level in a RSAgility trial and then decide to grandfather in at a higher level for the next trial.

The show secretaries are not going to police what you enter, and they may or may not be able to answer questions, but you can always email us at and ask. The show secretaries will have to collect all the grandfathering info and forms and forward them to us (please note that they are only collecting and forwarding at the end of the trial, they are not reading, advising, or using this info), but this should start to dwindle down with each subsequent trial. You do not have to deal with grandfathering after that.

* A competitor may only choose ONE organization that they wish the points/clean runs/qualifying scores to be applied from.

In order to use grandfathering correctly, you choose what organization (one only) to apply and then fill out the forms and attach the supporting documentation (if available). Personal records are fine, just show us you know where your dog fits.

So if, for example, you choose to use NADAC as your ONE organization to grandfather from (again personal choice), and you are in Open Standard, Novice Gamblers and Elite Jumpers, you would fill out the Grandfathering form and attach it with your show entry or mail it to us (RSAgility). And then based on your experience in the other organization (as above), in your first RSAgility show for example, if you choose to enter the Select Division (from definitions below), you would enter the following classes:

The RSAgility levels are Beginner (starting level), Intern (middle level) and Specialist (top level) Select Intern Standard Select Beginner Gamblers (traditional or strategic time) Select Specialist Jumpers You would choose one (1) Division that you meet the qualifications to compete in or chose to enter. Please note that in Beginner Level there are double jumps in any division)

The 5 Divisions are Competition Division - (Specialist Level has double jumps and may contain a triple jump, Intern Level may contain a double jump, fastest time) Select Division - (Specialist Level has double jumps, Intern Level may contain a ascending double jump - 10% more time than competition - jumps lower then Competition). Veteran Division - (dog over 7 or handler over 60) - NO double jumps - 15% more time than competition - jumps lower than select Jr. Handler - (please visit for age requirements) - NO double jumps - 15% more time than competition - jumps lower than select. Grand Veteran - (dog over 10) or (handler over 60 and dog over 7) - NO double jumps - 20% more time than competition.- jumps lower than Veterans

Again, anyone who registers a dog will need to submit all grandfathering information (both for the Grandfathering of Level and Merit of Excellence form (you must be in Specialist Level for this to apply) to us either with the registration or within 30 days of receiving their RSAgility numbers. Competitors failing to submit the forms within 30 days of application for a new dog registration will not have the opportunity of using the grandfathering opportunity.

Also, as always, we are open to looking at and dealing with unique circumstances that may arise, so don't get upset before you contact us.

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