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Rockstar Agility Network, LLC (RSAgility) recognizes today's agility enthusiast as a versatile competitor that challenges the bounds of success by training for and competing in multiple agility venues and dog sports other than agility. This competitor chooses the classes and division or level that allows them to challenge their abilities and develop their skills at their own pace, and meet their goals."

So how did the Rockstar Agility Network, LLC (RSAgility) agility venue start?

Because we enjoy agility, my wife and I have competed in multiple venues like USDAA, CPE, NADAC, and AKC. We believe by having competed in all the venues, we have had the opportunity to see, hear and listen to what we believe today's agility enthusiast wants in agility, and in doing so we believe we have put together an agility organization that addresses these needs.

Based on what we have seen and heard, we believe that there is the need for an agility venue that offers something to all levels of dogs and handlers, from the very competitive, to the more casual weekend warrior, to the dog that is getting older to the junior handler; a place where a veteran dog is not forced to jump a lower height (they may have a BIG dog and not want to jump lower heights but want the extra time afforded veteran competitors); a place where a veteran dog has the ability to compete with dogs closer to its own age and a division to move into as it gets even older.

We saw the need for an agility venue where you could go as a family and play on courses that had challenge and flow with course times that were fair but not a give away; a venue where rules didn't change today, tomorrow and the day after; a venue that offers the opportunity and fun of planning your own course in Traditional Gamblers, and the ability to run courses that a 12 year old Yorkie or a 5 yr old Border Collie, or very young or competitive dogs will all achieve success on.

In Rockstar Agility Network, the owners cannot receive top ten awards, or be an award earning competitor at our championships. Our participation at trials and championships in running the courses will be in seeing how RSAgility judges are doing in providing great courses that flow and challenge the handler to develop their agility skills.

So why should you, the COMPETITOR, give Rockstar Agility Network, LLC (Rockstar Agility Network) the opportunity to have you as a customer? I'm feeling a little like David Letterman...

TOP TEN reasons to try Rockstar Agility Network:

10. It's FUN, it's NEW and competitors should have a say how they spend their agility dollars.

9. Rockstar Agility Network will listen to its competitors. We have a rule committee that will oversee any changes as well as plans to solicit input from competitors prior to making any changes! Rockstar Agility Network, LLC will support an open line of communication for any proposed changes. This communication will involve solicitation and consideration of feedback and explanation of decisions."

8. We have a web presence that includes a competitor results database right from the start.

7. NO Table, Rational Teeter Calls, a documented and published TRAINING in the Ring policy, Weather Condition Course Time Adjustments.

6. Start at your level of achievement... Grandfathering in of level and points from other organizations (a simple form to fill out)

5. Rockstar Agility Network is a place where everyone can play gamblers because there are 2 types; Traditional Gamblers and Strategic Time Gamble, one is a distance challenge, the other a gamble of time management.

4. Jumpers with NO TUNNELS, because it's called Jumpers. It will be a class where large dogs don't have to squeeze into tunnels that steal their time and little dogs have fair course times.

3. Our courses will be flowing, but also have both tight and distance handling challenges; Course times that are fair for all dogs, from little to big, but are not so loose as to make qualifying under time a non-challenge.

2. a place where people who love the idea of planning their own course with the challenges of either time, distance or handling can be found in Traditional Gamblers, Strategic Time Gamble and Snakes 'N Ladders; a place where Trigility brings all three agility events into play in one, Jumpers, Standard and Gamblers.

...and the number one reason to try Rockstar Agility Network...Drum role...

1. We have divisions for everyone - a competition division that has doubles, triples, higher jump heights, and tighter times geared toward the very competitive exhibitors, a select division that lowers the jump height for those that wish to go easier on their dog, we have two veterans divisions, one for dogs over 10, and a Jr. Handler program.

How do I register dogs with Rockstar Agility Network?

In order to compete in Rockstar Agility Network, LLC events, you must register your dog. The cost is $10/dog. The process for getting a registration number is to register as a member online and then register the dogs online. Competitors receive their registration numbers within a few minutes via email. Additionally, there is also a dog registration form available on the website at http://www.rsagility.com/dog_registration.aspx for download for those that do not have computer access to register online.

Do I have to start at the beginning?

NO! Rockstar Agility Network has Grandfathering in of Levels and Awards (forms available at http://www.rsagility.com)

Grandfathering in Experience Levels

It will be admissible until at least February 1, 2012 to enter dogs at a higher level than Beginner in some titling events based on their qualifications in other agility venues. After April 1, 2018, all new Rockstar Agility Network, LLC competitors will be required to start a dog at the Beginner level in all titling events and work their way up. (see rules at http://www.rsagility.com for complete requirements.)

Grandfathering in of Points/Clean Runs/Qualifying Scores towards RSAgility Merit of Excellence Awards

Until April 1, 2018, Competitors may choose to grandfather in undesignated points/clean runs/qualifying scores from a number of agility associations towards Rock Star Agility Network, LLC Merit of Excellence Awards. (see rules at http://www.rsagility.com for complete requirements).

What type of events does Rockstar Agility Network have?

Standard Agility Event - Standard Agility will challenge the handler /dog team with both work away sections and close proximity handling challenges. The handler/dog team must demonstrate the ability of the team to perform a variety of obstacles on the course while working as a smooth functioning team. All obstacles must be performed without fault and the team must meet the Standard Course Time requirements of the division and level.

Jumpers - Jumpers is an opportunity for the dog and handler team to maneuver through a course of jumps at a very fast pace. The only obstacles on a Jumpers Course are JUMPS. Jumpers Courses will challenge the handler /dog team and have both work away sections and close proximity handling challenges.

Traditional Gamblers - Traditional Gamble is an event that allows the handler/dog team to plan their own course, obtaining points along the way for completing obstacles up to 2 times each successfully for the specified opening period of time. At the end of the point accumulation period, the dog must successfully complete a work away challenge (gamble) at the required distance for level and division, and then stop the clock for time. The handler/dog team must be successful in both parts of this event to qualify.

Strategic Time Gamble - Strategic Time Gamble is an event that allows the handler/dog team to plan their own course, obtaining points along the way for completing obstacles up to 2 times each successfully. There are two (2) parts to this event, a point accumulation period (opening) and a strategic gamble period (closing); the handler plans a course that will allow the dog to cross the finish line at as close to maximum time without going over. The handler/dog team must be successful in both parts of this event in order to qualify.

Snakes N' Ladders - Snakes N' Ladders is a strategic game that has tunnels, contact equipment, 1 set of 10-12 weaves, and 2 sets of 5-6 weave poles (3 sets of 5-6 weaves at the beginner level). The handler strategically plans their course, with the goal being to complete all the contact and weave obstacles and cross the finish line as quickly as possible.

Trigility - Trigility is a team strategy game that tests the agility ability of the 3 members of the team to complete 3 types of agility on a regular agility course. The goal is to complete all 3 courses in the shortest amount of time and to have one team member successfully complete a mini gamble test.

North America Challenge Event Championship Qualifiers - The North America Challenge Event will be the standard for qualification into future championships. This is a special agility run that is scored under the same rules and SCT as Standard Agility. North America Challenge Events will be more technically challenging courses. Each course will include 1 set of 10-12 weaves and may include an additional set of 5-6 weaves for all levels. In addition, courses may include the performance of 4 contact obstacles, multiple side changes, and additional discriminations.

On behalf of Rockstar Agility Network, LLC (Rockstar Agility Network), we'd like to thank you for taking the time to learn about Rockstar Agility Network. We would love to see you on course.

Thank you,
Mary Kay Mills
Rockstar Agility Network, LLC (RSAgility) 04/1/2018

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